Dragonsip Haven Baronial Birthday

The Adventure of Cooking my My First SCA Feast

Here is the full story of the first SCA Feast That I cooked

Before I go any further, Let me take the opportunity to thank the following people for all their help in the kitchen (pardon me if I butcher the spellings!!).

Aislinn, Saphira, Diana merch Morvudd, Torvald Klaufland (and others who I have the misfortune of forgetting right now, but I will correct that as soon as possible!!) and of course, My Fiancee Amber Surrey of House Dragonslayer.

Thanks also to Theoderic, Guildmaster of the pepperers guild, for donating some spices, when I was too brainless to bring them from home!

I really wanted to show the Barony that I can, too, cook events, even though I have been passed over for the job for about 15 years. (I have been pidgeonholed as first an autocrat, and then as a soteltie maker!)

The fact that my Barony has a plethora of good cooks, who are regularly called on in rotation, did not help. So I wanted to "Wow" them. By and large, I succeeded, I think.

Here is the final menu.(All bread was either baked on site, or that morning, and reheated just before serving.)

-- All recipes except the breads, garlic butter, and garlic beef are from period sources.--The Sallet is from the "Forme of Cury", and the rest is from Yale's Beineke Library manuscript MS 163, as printed in Heiatt and Butler's book "An Ordinance of Pottage". I used the original recipes as masters, redacting them myself, rather than depend on Heiatt and Butler's recipes, becuase I wanted as few steps between the original and my finished products, to get the best documentation. As it was, I departed from the original in several cases, due to time or budgetary constraints, so it was not a "Documentable" as I had hoped.

The Menu for Baronial Birthday:
Table Setup: Bread, Butter, Garlic Butter

The First Course

The Second Course

The Third Course

What I learned from this experience...

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