( Serves about 132 )

Original Take clene pyked whete. Bray hit in a morter, and fanne it clene, & sethe hit til hit be broken. Than grynd blancchid almondys in a mortar; draw thereof a mylke. Do hit togetdyr in a pot tyl hit be resonabull thykke; than loke thy whete be tendyr. Colour hit up with safferyn.
My version
  • Almond milk:
    • --Two cups blanched almonds, finely ground
    • --1/2 gal boiling water
    • --Splash White Zinfandel Wine
  • 12 lbs Bulghur Wheat
  • 1 tsp Saffron, crushed to 1/8

Prepare the almond milk by grinding the almonds, and mixing it into the boiling water, adding a splash of wine. Bring to a rolling boil and stir in the wheat. Cook on medium for 5 minutes, stirring. Cover and remove from heat. After all the fluid is absorbed, fluff with a big fork or spoon, and serve.

Notes The first part of the recipe sounds like how you make Bulghur wheat, so I just bought 15 lbs of bulghured wheat, and mixed that into boiling almond milk and set aside off the heat.
Actually I needed a lot less wheat, it expanded a lot more than I had planned for, almost crawling out of the pot!!
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