( Serves 112 (80 if primary side dish, or first course) )

Original Take Kawlys & Parcellye and othir good herbes. Perboyle hem welle yn water. Presse out the watyr; hew hem right smalle, or grynd hem. And yf thu wylte, thu may hew a lytylle fat porke therwyth, and grynd hit therwuth; and temper hit up with swete broth. Look hit be somdell chargeaunt of the herbes. Do hit in a pot, Boyle & alye hit up a lytylle therwith. And yf thu wylte, thu may draw bredde with sum of the brothe. Then salt hem, and serve hem forth with ribbys of bacon, or with fat flesche, yf thu wylte.
My version
  • 3 bunches kale
  • 3 bunches broccoli rabe
  • 2 bunches flat italian parsely
  • 1 40 oz can chicken broth
  • Optional:
    • --2 or 3 lbs of salt pork or "fatback", poached and finely diced.

Rinse and chop the greens into 1/2 inch chunks, and put into a pot of boiling water (along with the optional diced pork). Parboil the greens until just tender, and still bright green (the rabe will still be a little undercooked).
Drain off the water, and add the broth, and stir, return to heat, and stir constantly until the mixture is heated through. Distribute between the serving dishes and serve it up.

Notes I liked the way these came out. I think that these will be a part of my holiday table this year!

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