( Serves about 112 )

Original Make a stiff batture of yolkes of eyron, and paryed flour, & sigure, a grete dele, & a lytle yest of new ale. set hit by the fyre, or els in a pot boylyng, that hit may take a lytyl hete. When hit is rysyd, sweyng hit well togedyr that hit fall doun ayene. Loke thy oven be hote, & clene swepyd; poure hit on the floure of the oven & bake hit as french bred.
Than take hit out; cut awey the crustys obovyn the bred of a nobyll & make a hole, & reys hit al abovyn the undyr the crust endlyng and ovyrtuyarte as thyke as thu amy with a knyf,& so do even to the boysome, bur safe the boysome hole, & the crust al aboute; & fil hit full of clarifyed hony, & set on the crust ayen & set hym on the ovyn. When they be somdell dried, serve hit forth.
My version
  • 120 egg twist or Challa rolls
  • 4 lbs honey

Cut off the top like cutting the top of a tiny jack-o-lantern. Pull out and reserve some of the inside, making a cavity. Chop the reserved crumbs small, and mix with the honey and spoon back into the rolls. Put into a hot oven and bake for about 10-15 minutes.

Notes Ok, I cheated on this. Because of the problems I had with precooking these, I bought 120 eggtwist rolls from the bakery.

This would have been a lot better if I had added 2 or 3 lbs butter to the filling, IMHO.
Next time, that is what I'll do.
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