Butturd Wortys

( Serves about 96 )

Original Take al maner of good herbes that thu mayste get. Peke hem, weshe hem, hewe hem; boyle hem in fayre water. Put butter therto, clarified, a grete dele, when they be boyled ynow. Salte hem; let none otemele come theryn. Dyse bred to smale gobbettys, and do in dishes, and powre wortys theruppon, and serve hem forth.
My version
  • Two large bunches Turnip Greens
  • Two large bunches Mustard Greens
  • Two large bunches Collard Greens
  • One large bunch Italian parsely
  • 3 lbs butter
  • About 16 cups plain untoasted white bread croutons

Stem and coarsely chop greens and parsely. Lightly Parboil them (until wilted and bright green) and sieve out the water. Melt and clarify butter and mix with the greens. Pour mixture over croutons in bowls, and serve.

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