Leche Lumbard

( Serves about 120 )

Original Boyle datys in swete wyne; grynd hem. Draw hem with the same wyne as chargeaunt as ye may do em, yn a pott with sygure. Boyle hit. Put therto poudur of gynger & canell, a grete dele; stere hit well togedyr. Yf hit be nowghte styfe ynowght, put thereto hard yolks of eyron or gratyd brede; or els thu may boyle brawn and draw hit thorow a streynour withour eny lycour. in the boylyng, do hit togedyr. Also thu may do with al maner of leche lumbard that thu makyste, and yn lentyn tyme thu may have of sundez of stockfisch. when hit ys boyled, take out of the pott; do hit on a bord. Presse hit togedyr. when hit is colde, cut hit in brede leches & serve hit forth, a leche or ii in a dysch, and power a little clarre aboven.
My version
  • Four Pounds of Pitted dates
  • Three cups sugar
  • Two to three cups well dried plain white bread crumbs
  • Three tablespoons of Cinnamon
  • One tablespoon of Ginger Powder
  • Ginger powder to garnish
  • More white bread crumbs
  • Red Wine (I used Almaden)

Put dates in pot and add enough wine to cover them plus one inch. Boil it for about twenty minutes (the skins should come off the dates.) Sieve out the dates, reserving the wine.
Grind the dates in a processor until smooth, adding only enough reserved wine to enable processing. The dates should be a thick smooth paste like cooked oatmeal, and hold the shape of a spoon wen drawn through. It should not be runny.
Put the paste into a pot, add sugar, spices, and, a scant cup of wine, (less if the paste is thin or runny) and heat, slowly, stirring until spices and sugar dissolves, and the mixture is heated through. (careful, it is a thick Paste and will burn quickly!). Stir in the bread crumbs, and take off heat, let it cool to a handling temperature.
Strew breadcrumbs on a sheet of plastic wrap, and plop a generous amount of the mixture on the crumbs. Roll up into a thick (1 1/2 to 2 inches diameter) log shape and wrap with the plastic, and refridgreate. repeat for as When completely cooled, unwrap, cut into thick slices (about 3/4 inch) and arrange in bowl, sprinkle with ginger, and serve.

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