( Serves about 120 )

Original Make a past of paryd floure, knodyn with yolkes of eyron; & make a stuf of vele & porke, sodyn & groundyn, with yolkes of eyron; marydysed, & datys mynsyd; corauns; sigure, safron & salt & poudyr; & medyll al togedyr. & make youre paste on round foyles of the brede of a saucer, as thyn as may be drawn. turne hem double, that the brerdys may come to the medyll of the foyle; then
turne hem togedyr that the brerdys on the more side mete al aboute, & the lasse brerde turne upward witoutyn in the manner of a hat. & close well the egges that they hold well. Fyll theron thy stuff. have a bature of yolks of eyon & whete floure in the opyn syde that ys toward. Loke
theryn that the stuff be closyd, & set hit in hote grece upryght. when the bature ys fryed, thu may ley hym down & fry hym al overe.
My version
  • 15 lbs veal stew meat
  • 20 lbs pork shoulder
  • 18 eggs
  • 2 lbs marrow (from about 5 large beef shanks bones) coarsely ground
  • 2 lbs pitted dates, chopped
  • 3 cups sugar
  • 2 tbs salt
  • 1 tbs pepper
  • 1 tbs cinnamon
  • 1 tsp ground cloves
  • 1 tsp saffron threads, crushed to 1/4 tsp
  • 1/2 cup flour
  • 150 round wonton wrappers
  • Oil for frying

Boil the meats, and run them through a grinder. Mix the ground meats with the rest of the ingredients, except the flour, three eggs and wrappers. Mix it all together until the fat begins to run from the marrow, and the mixture is sticky and holds together.

To make the hat:
Take the circle of dough (wonton wrapper), and fold one side to the middle and fold it in halves perpendicular to the first fold, with the first fold inside. Wet and press it to seal it along the fold. You should now have a shape that looks like a right triangle, but the Hypoteneuse really is a broad curve. Now fold up the curved edges on both sides to turn up the brim
It should look like a "robin hood" hat. (see illustration)
Make 120 of them.
From the extra pieces of wrapper, cut decorative feathers, and spread them to dry, or lay them in a hot oven with the fire turned off, to harden.
Stuff the inside (where the head would go) with the filling, and set aside.
When all 120 have been filled, make a batter from the remaining eggs and flour. Batter the open bottoms of the dumplings and fry them battered side down, to seal, then place on either side to brown. once lightly browned, remove, and drain on brown paper. Adorn brims with the feathers cut above, and serve.

Notes Ok, so I blew this one, I used preground meat, and ran out of marrow bones making the souppes.
Part of the problem was that I wanted to cook the meat before preparation, because I was concerned about them standing so long while the hattes are being stuffed. I had the same worry with the Tartes of Flesche and the Douse Desire, because they all require a lot of hand work to make. In retrospect, I should have used boiled pork and veal for these dishes and ground them after boiling.
So this method is how I should have made it!!
I did solve the issue of how to fold the circles of dough and seal them up to make a hat that lookes like a hat... The method is somewhat ambiguous as described.

Above all, DO NOT take shortcuts, if you want this to work. You can substitute lard, butter, or bacon for the marrow, if you wish, but do not omit it, the filling does not hold well if additional fat is not included. (this I know!)

Illustration Look here for a picture of how to fold the wonton wrappers to make the dumplings in this recipe!
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