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What I do for Money

(Money, Wergild, Coin of the Realm, Green Stuff, Filthy Lucre...
...It's a good thing!!)

...As a (Happily Remarried) Parent of Two Boys (who are at that stage of growth where they outgrow sizes in weeks), Money is something I need to have. Sooo, I have a Job, Like most of the rest of youse guys!

What I'm Called
A title is a useful thing, it allows your bosses to refer to you without ever suffering the indignity of using your name (and thereby admitting that you are a Human being)! My title is "SOFTWARE ENGINEER"

What I do
Yep, I'm now a "GeekBoy". I have gone over to the dark side and am writing code. God help us all.  

Where I do it.
I do my work at a company called "Dictaphone", in Stratford, Connecticut. I used to work for Computer Associates, in Stamford, which is known as the "Borg" because they principally acquire other companies, absorb their technologies, and "dump the deadwood". The Stamford office of CA used to be called "Professional Help Desk" but that was before it was assimilated, and made a part of C.A.'s Islandia Collective). I also used to work at "Executone Information Systems", but they would not pay me at "Industry Standard Wages", despite the fact that I was doing consistently above average work, and much of it outside my job description. So, I left them. Good thing too, cause it looks like I was one of the rats leaving a sinking ship. What a colossal waste of talent that place became. Some of the best, and the most underutilized (and most under appreciated) programmers I ever met worked there. No wonder it tanked. They actually had one programmer (with a doctorate in Mathematics!) spending all his time fixing the spelling in string tables, if you can believe it! 

My current Boss/Manager is Lee. A good boss, not too demanding, and allows me to interact with him in a very professional manner. He does not believe in "MicroManagement", but allows my to do my work as I need to. Why, he is SO generous, that he even allows me to take work HOME!! I am now working on an established product, which means that there is no way I can get any meaningful improvements to the development process through the system, since everybody is in "Bucket and Bail" mode, and "nobody has time for process management, besides it works, what's the problem?". *sigh*.
At least Lee  knows what I am talking about, and fortunately is just as concerned about improving the development process. He, and least has a little clout in this area.
We are working on making some improvements to our Development processes, and trying to propagate those through the company

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Who I am

I come from a very old New England family. In our 300+ years on this continent, we have included Good persons of "Decent Society", and "Swamp Yankees". We came to America in 1643, and settled in Salem. We did not move far. I live in Connecticut. Gedneys played key roles in history. (usually on the wrong side -- We were notorious royalists, one of us was a Judge in the Salem Witch Trials, and one even played a role in the "La Amistad" story. At least we were Abolitionists, by and large, so the judgment of History will be kind to us there!)
I now live in Stratford, CT, with my two sons, Robert and Patrick, my new wife, Deborah, and our two cats. I am also an amateur home handyman. If I can get the tools, I can fix it, what ever it is! -- Just Ask My Cats!! (they'll never forgive me!) I also tell stories, usually until I am made to sit down and shut up!

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Stuff I Like to do

The SCA and Medieval Recreation
The SCA is a Non-Profit Group that recreates the Middle Ages and High Renaissance for fun and Education. Check it out...
Medieval Cooking and other delights
I have been cooking elaborate desserts called "sotelties" for a while now, If I can ever find any of the pictures, I'll post them up here. Meantime... Lately I have gotten the chance to Cook a full Feast for a SCA "event" here in my home area. It went off well, I think. Look here>>>
Going down to Ye Sea in Shippes
In the SCA, there is a special guild, the Loyal Guild of St Erasmus, dedicated to the recreation of nautical personae, and research into nautically related topics. In my local Kingdom ( branch ), the Eastern Kingdom, I have the honor of being the Guild Patron ( local organizer ) for the Kingdom. Here are pages for the East Kingdom Guild of St Erasmus >>>
Rennassaince Fencing
In the SCA, we have a number of martial activities, I am particularly fond of our recreation of Rapier Combat. To this end I have achieved some skill (not much), and have been privileged to teach the "Noble Arte of Defence" to others. MORE...
Amateur Archaology
I have always been fascinated by Archaeology, Especially Western European Paleolithic and Early Bronze Age Research and Reconstructions. Check here soon for links and other cool stuff!!
Science Fiction/Fantasy
OK, I'll Admit it! I am something of a geeky boy. I love good Science Fiction and Fantasy!! Unlike some of my "geekier" friends, I don't make it my life! Still, it IS fun. Check out my INCREDIBLY CHEESY Simulation of the view screen from the original Star Trek Bridge
All you have to do is look at my physique, such as it is, and you will see that I certainly love food! I consider my self something of a gourmand, and love to cook, as well! In the near future I'll be posting some reviews of some local restaurants.


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Comments and Suggestions

Keep them to your self, or, if you must, Email me at
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