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Welcome to the
Loyal Guild of St Erasmus
for the East Kingdom of the SCA

"We put the "Sea" in SCA!"


The SCA Nautical Research and Activities Guild

Herr Malachias von Morgenstern, Guild Syndic

Capt. Elias Gedney- East Kingdom Guild Patron

"The Loyal Guild of Saint Erasmus shall primarily focus its efforts to the promotion of research and re-creation of the both Nautical and Maritime arts, sciences, history and warfare, within the period of the Society for Creative Anachronism." - Mission Statement of the Knowne World Guild of St Erasmus

greendot.gif (987 bytes)The Guild Charter

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greendot.gif (987 bytes)Ships Registry

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greendot.gif (987 bytes)Articles, Newsletters, and other potentially useful Stuff.  (RECENTLY UPDATED)

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(EastNG is a discussion list specifically for Guild conversations within the East Kingdom of the SCA, and SCA-Nautical is for Guild converstaions, from across the Known World of the SCA.
By far the busiest of the two is the SCA-Nautical. I heartily recommend it.)

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