(Me in my fencing garb)

The fencing that I do is a sport form developed from scholarly recreations of late Renaissance and Tudor period fencing. It is an amalgamation derived from the safety regulations and procedures of "regular" Olympic style fencing, and redactions of "fencing manuals" from the Period. To find out more about this fencing, check out this page.

When I fence in the SCA, I fence under the guise of Captain Elias Gedney, a minor son of the Gedney family of cloth merchants in East Anglia. Elias hails from the town of Yarmouth, in England. He is the captain of the ship "the Wycked Bitche", a modified Dutch leeboard lugger jaght, which he uses to ply the English Channel as a merchanter and importer of trade goods (and do a little smuggling on the side!). He has 5 daughters, all from different ports, gotten in the days he served as a mate on his family's merchant ship, going from port to port, from France to Venice to Ireland, and back to England.

I also enjoy reading 16th Century Navigational texts.

Elias Gedney is the current Patron (Administrator) for the East Kingdom Branch of the Guild of St Erasmus, the SCA's nautically based guild. This is a group dedicated to researching and recreating the nautical persona, and other maritime topics.