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This is a picture of Captain Gedney's Merchant vessel, (circa 1594) Ye Wycked Bitche, Sailing out of Yarmouth Harbor, in East Anglia, England. This a rough drawing to show the Dipping Lug rig, the sort of Lug Sail rigging employed by the the kind of boat Capt. Gedney would have used. It was a common rig in small boats plying the "Channel trade", and the Lower North Sea Coast of England at that time. Her chief occupation is resupply of Her Majesties Navy, mostly with Flemish style (hopped) Beer and Biscuit. She carries very little in the way of protective ordinance, nor does she need to, since she sails in such protected waters. This kind of Lug rig was also a common rig employed by smugglers, but what has that got to do with anything? wink! wink!)
This picture was actually a painting of a different Lugger. I removed the Wheelhouse, increased the freeboard, and added Castles and a Leeboard to simulate the modified Jaght intended. The sail plan and backwards rake of the masts are completely accurate, though!

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