I got married!!

Yep, I asked Deborah to hitch up with me, and she said yes.

She is the best thing to happen to me in a very looong, looong time.
Her family having given the blessing, and having observed all the proprieties (including the promise of delivering the bride price before the wedding - her mother always wanted to ask for that...) I asked Deborah to marry me while we were on an extended campout with some friends. How could I not? It was all so damn romantic, and she said that she loved the notion of getting engaged at this special lakeside camp in upstate Connecticut. I gave her the diamond at dinner, and she cried for four hours afterward (at least she SAID it was because she was happy...).

We got married in a lovely ceremony in our new home town of Stratford, CT, on May 1, 1999. As if the date was not auspicious enough, the weather turned out to be absolutely beautiful!! 

After a reception that sped by altogether too fast, we departed for a lovely trip to  Cape Cod for our honeymoon. We stayed at a gorgeous Bed and Breakfast called the WhaleWalk Inn. I'll be posting photos shortly. Stay tuned!

Here are some engagement photos we had taken. (If I look flushed, it is because I was running a temperature of 101.7 at the time, I was not well)