Giovannis Gourmet Italian Deli
North and Franklin Avenues
Stamford, CT

You know what it's like when you dust off an old book, and find something special, like an old favorite story, underneath?

Giovanni's Gourmet Italian Deli is like that. This is a small place, and not anything remarkable from the outside. You could walk right past, and never notice it. And that is exactly what I did, for two months. Finally I walked in, and was very happy that I did!
The guys who run this place () love their work, and it shows! The food is always fresh, well compounded, and flavorful. I have so many favorites here, that I cannot describe them all here, so whenever you walk in, just ask the guys what they recommend. Do this, and you will never be disappointed.

I am particularly fond of their Pasta in Fresh Basil (they use really fresh basil - you can tell, there is nothing like it), and their stromboli are remarkable. The soup is always fresh and hot, and very, very good.

These guys have a real winner, here! If you are ever in Stamford, try this place. You just may get hooked on the delicious, and just so spicy, eggplant stromboli. I did!