The Nautical Guild of St Erasmus

Other stuff of
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(Here shall be found any articles, newsletters, and such like ephemera which may possibly be of interest to the members of the Nautical Guild of St Erasmus.)
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greendot.gif (987 bytes)Nautical Source Books, Reviewed
greendot.gif (987 bytes)Some books I would like to get my mitts on
greendot.gif (987 bytes)A little page of period Insults using terms drawn from Shakespeare and Randomly Generated

Research and other Documents by Capt. Elias Gedney
greendot.gif (987 bytes)The making of a seaman's Tycke, or Mattrasse 
Pennsic Class "Handouts":
greendot.gif (987 bytes)A field guide to knowing period from non-period nautical  - PDF 
greendot.gif (987 bytes)Ships and Navigation of the SCA Period, A Classification and Timeline of Western European Ship Development 600-1600 -  PDF 
greendot.gif (987 bytes)Useful Knots for Campers  - PDF 
greendot.gif (987 bytes)The Care and Feedning of Canvas Tentage  - PDF 



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